How to Permanently Disable SmartScreen on Windows 11


Are you tired of SmartScreen blocking websites and apps on your Windows 11? Learn how to permanently disable it to take full control of your system’s security settings.

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Understanding SmartScreen

SmartScreen is a built-in security feature in Windows 11 designed to protect users from phishing attacks and malicious software. While it is a valuable defense mechanism, it can sometimes act overzealous and block legitimate websites and applications, making it frustrating for users.

Importance of Disabling SmartScreen

Disabling SmartScreen allows users to make informed decisions about downloads without the interference of this security feature. It provides the flexibility to access or install applications and websites without encountering unnecessary blocks or warnings.

Temporary vs. Permanent Disabling

SmartScreen can be disabled temporarily for specific tasks, but for a more permanent solution, users have the option to disable it permanently. Understanding the different methods for temporary and permanent disabling can empower users to choose the right option for their needs.

Disabling SmartScreen in Windows 11 Settings

To disable SmartScreen through Windows 11 settings, navigate to Windows Defender settings via the Start menu > Settings > Privacy and Security > Windows Security > App and browser control. Find the Reputation-based protection settings and disable SmartScreen. Confirm the action by clicking ‘Yes’.

  • Click the Start Button.
  • Click Settings from the Menu.
  • Click Privacy and Security from the left pane.
  • Windows Security from the options at the top.
  • Click App and Browser Control.
  • Click Reputation-based protection.
  • Disable Smart Screen.

Disabling SmartScreen via Group Policy Editor

An alternative method to disable SmartScreen is through the Group Policy Editor. Open the Run window using the Windows key + letter ‘R’ or search for ‘Run’ in the search bar. Type ‘gpedit.msc’ to open the editor, navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Defender SmartScreen and disable it.

  • Type gpedit.msc in the Windows search bar and click on gpedit.msc from the list.
Disable SmartScreen on Windows 11
  • Navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Defender SmartScreen
  • Click Microsoft Edge under Windows Defender SmartScreen and double-click on Configure Windows Defender SmartScreen
  • Select Disable and click Apply & OK
  • Configure Windows Defender SmartScreen should show disabled.

Permanently Disable SmartScreen on Windows 11

To permanently disable SmartScreen, follow the steps in the Group Policy Editor and double-click on ‘configure’ in the Windows Defender SmartScreen option. Click ‘disable’, then ‘apply’ and ‘ok’ to confirm the changes. It is important to restart the computer to complete the process.


By understanding the importance of SmartScreen and learning how to disable it temporarily or permanently, Windows 11 users can take full control of their security settings and avoid unnecessary blockages. Once disabled, users can always re-enable SmartScreen through the Windows Security settings whenever needed.

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